In 1870 a new ring of 8 was recast by Taylors of Loughborough and are the current  bells. Their headstocks and wheels were replaced in 2015.

Kings Lynn has three active towers. Gaywood St Faith’s with 6 bells, St Margarets Minster with 10 and St Nicholas with 8. There is regular service ringing at St Faiths. The Tower at the St Margarets Minster is currently closed until July 2019 for major works. Practice nights are at 7pm at St. Faiths on Thursday and Wednesday at St Nicholas.  Anyone interested in ringing is welcome, either a novice or experienced.

Schools and Colleges groups wishing to have a taster session with a visit to the ringing chamber, chiming of the bells ( as opposed to full circle ringing ) and an explanation of bellringing please contact us and we can arrange a visit.

Towers and their bells can be hazardous places due to their antiquity, uncertain footfall and swinging ropes. Please follow carefully the security advice given.